Roof Replacement

Our team will come in and remove the existing roof, repair any damaged substrate, and install a new roof system. In the instance where a roof can no longer be repaired properly, we will work side by side with you to ensure your specific needs are met before beginning the construction and replacement process.


New Construction Installation

New construction roof systems do not involve the removal, recover or replacement of an existing system, and often requires coordination with other specialty trade contractors such as HVAC, masonry, framing, and electrical.  Having an experienced roofer that is familiar with this type of work can be the difference in a project staying on schedule, and experiencing significant delays or scheduling conflicts. We at ARP guarantee the highest quality in the fastest possible manner.


Repair & Emergency Service

All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather – tornadoes, hail, heavy snow, downed trees, even seasonal freeze and thaw cycles can damage your roof. Our emergency crews are here 24/7 to inspect the roof, assess the condition and begin making temporary or permanent repairs.


Maintenance Service

We provide a maintenance plan to help avoid unexpected budget and roofing issues, facility downtime, and premature roof failure or replacement. Regularly scheduled maintenance services can mean the difference in a costly roof replacement, and routine repair work that extends the life of the roof over many years. 

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Roof Asset Management (RAM)

Roof Asset Management (RAM) is our leading-edge software that allows a unique partnership with our clients. This system offers facilities managers a powerful tool to plan, budget, manage, and optimize their roofing portfolio.

Through its user-friendly web interface, our RAM software makes it easier than ever to forecast future expenditures, prioritize future projects – even smooth out costly spikes in your budget.

With RAM, all the answers you need are at your fingertips, right from your desktop.


Inspection, Project Budgeting, Design & Build

We guarantee satisfaction to all of our clients through our step-by-step, all-encompassing process, which includes:

  • Conducting a thorough roof inspection 
  • Researching system composition 
  • Determining life cycle stage of roof
  • Reporting deficiencies
  • Providing options and budgeting for addressing deficiencies
  • Designing a new roof system
  • Preparing timeline and budget to prepare for roof replacement
  • Performing scheduled maintenance & repair necessary to prolong the existing roof
  • Replacing roof system that has been both planned and budgeted for properly

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